Welcome to the True Triangle Yoga created by Sarah Siblik

TRUE Transformation on all levels of our being
TRIANGLE symbolizes the 3fold nature of the Universe – Generating,Organizing & Destroying,  
and three parts of our human existence – Body, Mind & Spirit.

YOGA  =   Your  Own  Grace  Awakened 

Yoga is not a religion; it’s an art, science, philosophy, alchemy, technology, and a spiritual practice.
With Yoga practice  you become healthier, more flexible, in a better shape, you master how to handle the stress and attune yourself into higher vibrations. You can be more successful as you learn to unlock your full potential and happier as you increase your self-confidence. Spiritually mature means acting, taking chances and  find joy in every moment of our life. When we firmly believe that our dreams are possible, the transformation begins for us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What do I need to start yoga?
A: Flexible mind, yoga mat, belt, two blocks and a towel.  ​

Q: I saw your pictures in Gallery and I am not impressed. Anybody can do that with the regular practice. 
A: You are absolutely right. What I am teaching is yoga for life, to become or stay healthy, to be able to handle stress and challenges of our life and be happy with what we have. Gymnasts, dancers and contortionists are very flexible, but that does not mean that they are happier or better yogis than those who cannot do the extreme postures. We all have different bodies, different genetic and anatomic limitations; that’s why we all look different in the same pose.

Q: I tried yoga but I found it too slow and boring. 
A: There are many types of yoga to choose from. Flow Yoga is a moving class and  you won’t have time to be bored. The music in the background enhances the movement and the rhythm of the class.

Q: I would like to practice more spiritual yoga, not just stretching and relaxing.. 
A: Yoga is basically a spiritual practice, working on deep levels of our being and even without doing specific pranayama or meditations we become more spiritual. If you wish to get more familiar with the philosophy of yoga, chakras, pranayama and meditations, you can book a Private Session for your  individual needs.

Q: Sometimes during the relaxation, I start crying and I don’t know why. I feel embarrassed, maybe yoga has a negative effect on me.
A: The emotional energy generated by the circumstances of our childhood and early life is still trapped in our body - in a pressurized, explosive state as a result of being suppressed. If we don't learn how to release it in a healthy way it will transform into some other form – instead of ease there is dis-ease. Crying during the relaxation means that you are healing on the subconscious level, letting go of the past.

Q: I need stretching but I don’t want to switch to Hinduism and become a vegetarian. 
A: You don’t have to change your faith or diet because as I have already mentioned, yoga is not a religion. It’s a healthy way of life, bringing balance to all parts of our being. You can just gradually change your lifestyle until you feel comfortable with healthier diet without any pressure.

Q: How long and how often do I have to practice to do postures I saw in your Gallery
A: It depends on your level of flexibility and on the anatomic and genetic structure of your body. Basically a good start would be two to three classes a week (private, semi-private or group) with an experienced teacher and a personal practice at home on days when not attending a class.. Always be sure that you warm up the body before trying advanced postures and finish with relaxation. Even 15 minutes can make a huge difference.

Q: How do I know which style of yoga to choose?
A: Try a few classes and notice how you feel the next day after the class. If you feel energized and in a better mood you have found the right one. If you feel too sore or you don't feel anything , keep trying. 
Flow Yoga I am practicing and teaching is a dynamic style combining poses from Hatha Yoga, with emphasis on the breath from Ashtanga, proper alignment from Iyengar Yoga and awareness of subtle energy from Kundalini Yoga. 

                                              "Practice is the best of all instructions."                  Aristotle